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Major Services 30-60-90k Miles


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Attention Critics, Judges and Users of LS400 Automobiles.

As everyone knows, there are intervals where major services are done in the Lexus family, according to the owner's manual the majors seem to happen every 30K miles.

There is a list of items that need replacement at some of these intervals, plugs, fluids, filters, etc.

What I'm curious is, at 90K miles, there is a note on the timing belt, the factory "recommends" replacement of the timing belt.

If you have been around these type of vehicles, Acuras, Infinitis and Lexus, you are probably familiar with a Timing Belt, and with this timing belt replacement, you probably have replaced the water pump and most likely a belt tensioner, to the point that you probably bought all of these items as a kit.

In the Acura that I owned before, the timing belt was part of the 90K mile service, unlike the Lexus recommendation at 90K miles.

Could it be that the Lexus 90K mile service excludes the Timing Belt as a replacement since 4L V8s' are not interference engines Vs. Acuras or other makes?

Mine is a 1995 LS400, I plan to do the belt change myself but not for at least 1 month from now, currently my odometer reads 89974, Does anyone think I could be living in sin if I stretch it a few hundred miles more?

If anyone has changed the belt on their own, could you tell the users of this site the condition of the belt itself when you replaced it?

I plan on doing this job myself, and it's probably going to take me two days to accomplish since by 14-1500 hrs I would most likely have had too many beers to complete this sensitive and more-so complicated task.

Tex O'DeLuxe

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I have a 95 as well with 63k on it. I just changed the timing belt and water pump two weeks ago. The belt had plenty of life left on it when I took it off. No visual wear or cracks in the belt at all. The belt looked as if it could go another 60k easy. With that said each belt can be different with the kind of weather it has lived in. I would think you ll be fine extending the change a few thousand miles.

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I have the 93 and when I talked to my mechanics they stated just drive it. Lexus also looked at it for my 100 dollar pre purchase inspection and stated it was fine. I know to take all opinions with a grain of salt, but as another LEXUS post stated the pre 94 can drive till their stranded.

I also know people who have 140k with out changing timing belt.. I dont think this is smart, but some people do it.

Cheers to LEXUS

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