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Cutting Off Air Suspension ?

billy hoang

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its a 1993 lexus ls400 . every morning when i come out , the rear of the car is always down . then when i turn the car on , the car raises up to normal height . is that normal ? well it didnt bother me before but i just put 20 inch wheels on and now when it lowers , the car basically sits on the tire . i ont want the tires to get damaged by this and i thought i read once that you can cut of the air suspension with a swqitch in the trunk ? is this true ?

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Im sure your rear air shocks have a leak.

You will need to replace them which is like 900 a corner.

I have read here also unplug your battery or something for 30 minutes to let everything reset try that first and if it doesnt work get new or 2nd hand ones

If your lucky These will still be available


If you get them cheap it is a short term fix for your problem.

I wouldnt really pay more than 200 each as they might go anyday however they might last a while. Maybe offer him 100 each see how nice he is? maybe he doesnt need the money all too much

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if you cut out the air suspension switch in the boot the whole thing wont wont which means it wont even pump up in the morning. If it has a leak its got a leak.

The reason to turn the swtich off is wen u jack up the car

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oh ok . so when i jack up the car .... why would i need to hit the switch ? and where is the switch located ? cause when i did jack up the car to do the brakes , whichover corner that was jacked up and then let down , it wouold go all the way down .

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