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Intake Question


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Hey guys, i am new to the forum, been reading a lot about the es, i just recently bought a 97 with 85k and i bought a ram air intake online, but during installation there was a single hose that did not have a place to be connected on the new intake. the hose was connected to the stock heatshield/intake box and leads to a small brown plastic piece underneath the engine cover. since it is a very small hose, it doesnt seem like it would be a big deal that it isnt connected but i didnt want to chance it and i figured prob a few of you knew what it does... dont want to blow up the engine on my new car :o

thanks guys, hope you can help! - Rob


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It is your crankcase purge line.

Is it needed ,no

Can you plug it ,no

Should you throw that short arm intake as far as you can ,YES.

You are about to go down a very bad road by having that thing on your car.

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