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Does anyone know how I can connect my iPod to my Levison audio system? I can't remember the web site that offered an adapter. I have a wireless FM transmitter, but I don't enjoy listening to my iPod through the FM radio when I have a great Mark Levison sound system.....

Also, the adapter I saw connected through the CD button but text was only available on the display screen if I have a CD-text option, which I don't have. Anybody know if or how I can upgrade my CD player to CD-text?

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It's definitely tough looking for the right accessories for your car. It was especially tough looking for iPod accessories for my 2001 Nissan Sentra. I know it's completely different than a Lexus but I faced the same troubles as well. If you're looking to upgrade your CD player, I did notice a particular company that sells tons of accessories for your iPod and auto accessories as well, they're called Droid Acessories. If you want, you should check them out. I do wish you luck on your endeavors nonetheless looking for iPod car accessories. I myself was thinking about doing the same since I myself am getting tired of my FM transmitter.

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