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Can Someone Help With A 1st Gen Problem

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I took my 93' GS 160,000k for a drive to somewhere and back in the sweltering heat the other day (about an hour each way). A few hours after i got back i started my car again and it was idling really roughly. I checked the dipsitck and it said i had no oil whatsoever. The dipstick i believe has been unreliable in the past. I put two quarts in, checked it again, and the oil was past the full line. I know it didnt go from empty to full on two quarts of oil... And not once did the oil pressure light come on. I have been driving the car after giving it oil and it still idles rough and engine cuts out a little on inclines. Is this an oil related problem??? Or possibly a bad spark plug? (i was thinking of getting some Denso Iridiums and some new wires). Theres probally a few other things it could be. Any ideas guys??, it would be much appriciated.

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So i took a look under the engine cover to see the first spark plug at the front of the engine. I pulled out the wire that sits on top of the spark plug and the seal was cracked and broken, there was f--king oil in there. Im not sure if this is the reason for my engine's poor performance, and any other suggestions on what i could check would be appriciated, but im taking care of it. I dont want to have to deal with taking off the whole intake manifold to check the rest of the spark plugs so i'm just going to take it in to the shop to get all the plugs, wires, cap, and rotor all replaced. I was thinking of getting the Denso or NGK iridaums for the plugs. Any ideas on what spark plug wires to get???

By the way TurboGS300 and TWINTURBO619 thanks for your help, your guyz cars are pimpin. Got any pics of your rides posted on the net?


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