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New Member Here, Black On Tan Ls4 90'


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old ride, sold to my brother http://www.cardomain.com/profile/phillipguru

new ride http://www.cardomain.com/profile/phillipin

Picked up a very very well cared for 90 ls400 for oly 4900.

Tranny and motor are good, a/c lcd is out of course, hood struts gone of course but the car is pretty much perfect other than that.

Things i have done in the first 2 weeks of ownership

-replaced stock sub

-oil filter change

-full tranny flush

-diff gear oil change

-4 quarts of power steering fluid flushed

-maf cleaned and reseated

-tps adjusted

-air filter replaced

-lithium grease on all doors and moonroof

-leather cleaned

-waxed 3 times

-lugs reseated to lexus torque spec they were on so tight i could not take them off

-bought new rear brake pads

by hand and i am 6'4 300 lbs

I have some things i need to take car of

-fix 1200 rpm ping

-decarbonize head / manifold / chamber

-check o2 sensor resistance

-install the rear pads i bought

after everything is completed i'm going to peice together an after cat turbo with my buddy who does alot of custom work and fabircation.

So far this car is great, have taken it past 130mph and have put 3k miles on it in 2-3 weeks.

I do need to clean the leather again, everytime its hot and sweaty and i'm dirth from working on it i get the leather dirty again.


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Welcome Phillip! :cheers: Congratulations on your new ride. All that work in 2 weeks. Any chance you could swing by my house for a little of that routine maintenance. Heck, for my car you could probably come just every couple of months! ;)

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Wow that is a lot of work.. GREAT JOB and nice LEXUS!

How many miles does LEXUS have?

Also this is a trick, but sometimes you need to attempt to tighten the lug/screw to get it loose. Then loosen it up. It usually works and is a trick we used in the Air Force.

Cheers and enjoy!

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Hello phillipguru,would you mind sharing your expertise on "cleaning and re-seating" the maf in '90 ls400? This has come up recently on board and i dont seem to be able to get an answer on the early ls maf's. Any knowledge would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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