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Coils Breaking

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I'm screwed,

I started to replace my plugs in my 2000 ES300. I pulled off the first coil and the clip came out of the coil boot. This is the clip that actually snaps onto the tip of the spark plug. VV-Timing engine. It has 6 coils, (one for each plug). At $100 a pop I'm scared as heck to pull off the next one. Are they all going to break off? Is there a way to fix it without buying a new coil? Does anyone know what I'm talking about?

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I understand. I'm sure that it can be fixed but I'm not an electrical expert and for $100, I'm going to just buy a new coil. Then I'm going to have the rest of the plugs replaced by a dealer. I can't afford to break another one. Do you know if you have to take the intake plenum off to get to the rear 3 plugs? Any gaskets, etc that need to be replace?

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