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02 Gs300 - Avic-d1 Nav, Xm Navtraffic And Ipod

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This is my first post to the forums, just stumbled across them today.

I drive an '02 GS300 Sport Design. As of right now everything is stock, except the rims, which are 19" Konig Unknowns.

Pics posted below

I am going to be getting the

Pioneer AVIC-D1 along with the IPOD Connector and the XM Navtraffic

It seems like the perfect combination for the ultimate in navigation and entertainment, and if I wanted to put some TVs in the headrests later on (which I probably would never do), I could just hook them up to the system.

It is going to run about

$1180 for the D1 unit

$89 for the Pioneer IPOD Connector

$210 for the Pioneer XM NavTraffic system

I am working on finding someone that can make a kit for this to fit around the unit and blend in with my dash.

I went to Rich's AutoTunes who is the West Coast Customs of Massachusetts, but they wanted

$70/hr for installation and said it would take about 12 hours to do everything, including the fabrication of the kit.

Essentially $800 for the installation which is just insane.

Anybody got a place in the Mass/ New England area that they can get a good price at?

And has anyone had any experience with any of these 3 components?







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no, they aren't spinners, but the contrast with the car makes them look sick.

You can look at them at different times of the day and different angles and they have different appearances.

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Those rims are SICK!


My friend got the D1 along with the iPod adapter from Poineer installed into his Jeep Wrangler, and he loves it. No problems except for the first time he plugged in his iPod, it wasn't recgonized; what he had to do was update the software on his iPod fr it to work. So make sure yours is upto date. It's the flat panel one. He's also extremely loaded and didn't have to worry about installation.

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My only concern about the Pioneer D1 is that you cannot modify anything while the car is moving

So once you put the destination in and start driving, you have to pull over and putt the car in park to do anything else.

I don't konw how much of a hassle this would be since I have never used NAV before.

Also there is no way to disable it. You can ground the Parking wire, but the Speed Pulse sensor in there is what makes it impossible to disable.

Any input on this would be great.

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