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Visage Body Kit Owners?

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Wondering if anyone has bought the Visage Body Kit and what their experience was as far as fit and finish. From the photos I have seen I really like the style but am curious what others have found that bought it. Are you happy with the quality and look?

It is so damn hard to make this decision without seeing better photos and more information. I love my GS I am just ready to take the next step and lower it and add a body kit.

Any input advise from others is greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance for your input.....

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You are probably not getting a lot of response because this kit is too aggressive for most Lexus modders. There is the genuine Vizage kit which from what I hear fits pretty well. There are also clones of this kit out there that fits horribly.

I only know a couple guys with this kit (not to say there are not more) but they said they grew to like the kit. Do you want the kit to be this "busy" and aggressive or do you want cleaner lines? As with many Lexus aftermarket parts, the cost is not cheap. If you like polyurethane, there are a couple of other kits come to mind: RMM and L-Sportline.

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