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More Radio Problems... Sound Quality

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I have a 93' SC400 w/ the Nakamichi set-up. First, my CD player was cutting out. I ran a CD cleaner through it and it has been behaving a lot better. Now, just two weeks later I'm having sound quality issues. The sound has become very "trebble-ish" or "hissy". When you crank it up it gets really irritating. Sounds very cheap. That nice richness is gone. I've also recently had my sub-woofer go through periods of sounding blown or like it's "spitting" instead of the nice deep "thud". I checked the woofer but it was not torn-up. On the advice of two audio shops, I went ahead and had it re-coned, but the problem still exsists (but it comes and goes). I'm wondering if this is connected to the degraded sound I'm getting now. I'm thinking Amp, but doesnt this cause dramatic volume loss or very erratic sound distortion? I dont know. It seems like all these radio shops here can do is install. Their diagnostic skills bite. Has anyone else experienced this... the sound problems I mean...lol.


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I'd have to agree, or maybe a ground problem with the amps. Although, I would assume that would cause it to cut out completely, which would kill all your sound, but it definitely sounds like an amp issue.

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