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Car Wont Start .. Any Advice Please

billy hoang

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its a 1993 lexus ls400 . i just did the brakes yesterday . rotors , pads and bled the lines. i think i might need to bleed the lines again though . brakes feels like mush . so the next day , i go to start the car and it doesnt turn on . all the elctrical turns on but the engine doesnt . so i connect a jumper box and it turns right on . i let it sit for about 10 minutes . cut it off .... same problem . does anyone have any idea what it might be ?

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It is not fuel as it runs fine once started just has no power to restart.

You seem to have either a loose battery cable or a bad battery.

An alternator is a possibility but not the first if the car runs fine.

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thanks guys for the replies . went to strauss this morning , batttery was good . so i got friggin worried that it was the alternator .............. turns out to be ....... dirty terminals . what great news . no money out of pocket . problem so simple i was just thinking of the worst .

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