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Xenon Lights On A New Nissan Maxima I Saw

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A few days ago i happened to notice one of those new Nissan Maxima's. It was early morning, so everyone had their lights on.

As it was coming towards me (the road was kind of wavy) i noticed that as the car moved up and down, the color of the headlights changed. It went from bright white, to yellow, to i thought it went off, to purple, to white, to even almost PINK!!! etc.

What makes the color and brightness change?? I know projector headlamps can make it brighter/darker depending at what angle you're looking at it, but what changes the color this much?

I have to say it looked horrible!! I know i'm not talking about a Lexus, but i thought someone must know why this happeneds.

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Actually it is from hid system .

All hid's look that way some are more pronounced than others such as audi and porsche being thw strongest with BMW being next in line.

What you are seeing is the light being reflected from the projectors and at its ends of the lens it has a sharp cutoff. This is called a sharp cutofff where the light is being bent and shows the rainbow effect .

Most reflector type headlights do not do this but some like older mercedes added a lens at the top to have it.

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