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Water Vapor From Ac Vents

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I've seen the same occurrence in the passenger compartment of aircraft when they first close the doors and fire up the air conditioning before takeoff. It may be condensation coming off the coolant tubes? It may be nothing to worry about...but I'm not certain. The only other time I've seen the same result, it was a leaking heater core, but you could smell antifreeze inside the car.

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My friend has a 2002 Wrangler that was involved in an accidnet. He hit a deer, causing mild damage to the front, and was rear-ended by my other friend in an Expidition, following too close. It took 3 weeks to repair. When he got it back, moisture started to develop above the vents, which he would just wipe off, only for it to appear again. I think they reconnected the A/C wrong when repairing the front end damage.

Another reason for you to get moisture coming out of the vents is the extreme humidity. His Jeep is black, which attracts a lot of heat, and when the A/C is turned on, the high level of moisture begins to condensate and it appears that a mist is coming from the vents.

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