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1996 Lexus Sc400

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WHAT?  There is no problem with the car!  If this is some type of joke i don't get it.  But i would like to know if it would be a good car for me.

It was a joke, you typed what seemed to be sweatiest instead of sweetest. Anyways I got my SC300 5spd at 17, I first had a Honda Accord. Depends on how much your kid really knows about cars because I do all my own repairs myself and it would have cost a lot if I didn't. BTW, I started out with a 92 Honda Accord.

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I got my SC4 when I was 17. But I help my dad fix cars since I was 10 and do it as a hobby. I was really happy I got my car. Anyways, it depend on how responsible the kid is and how he can take care of the vehicle.

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I saw the sweatest car yesterday at the dealership.  It was a SC400.  Would this be a good car for a 16 year old kid?

It would depend on what type of responsibilities this 16-year old would have.

Does the kid pay any bills?

What about the car insurance or gas?

It is not so much as will this car be good....it is will the kid be able to afford this car? Keep in mind that this car requires premium fuel (91+ octane). Also, the SC is one of the longest cars I've ever driven. It is about as long as a Yukon Denali (I parked next to one the other day). That makes it somewhat of a pain to find parking spaces.

What happens if certain maintenance needs to be done? Like brakes or oil changes?

Just some simple questions to ask yourself.

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The SC400 is a reliable vehicle and you can confirm that through some research. That said, your research will also reveal that with high mileage and age these cars develop some common problems, many of which are discussed in this forum and in other Lexus club sites. The topics are definitely worth checking out.

Generally speaking, operating and maintenance costs are a factor for whomever is paying the bills and I'm certain you're aware by now that the SC400 won't be cheap to operate. Unless you have options, also be prepared for high dealership service and repair costs. All these factors can weigh heavier than reliability after a while. Lastly, expect to see the day that the 16 year old wants to start the performance upgrades.

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