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What Does "rx" Stand For Anyway?


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While we're on the subject, what do the other's mean?







I notice that all the SEDANS have S as the second letter. Could this stand for sedan??

I also notice that all the possible 4x4 SUV's have X as the second letter. could this be for 4X4 ??

I just don't know about the first letters

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If you run a search for it its been posted before.

LS- Luxury Sedan

ES- Executive Sedan

GS-Grand Sedan

IS-International Sedan

SC- Sport Coupe

RX- Recreational 4x4

GX- Not sure

LX- Luxury 4x4

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I'm sorry to say that Recreational 4X4 can not be correct, as an RX is available in 2 wheel drive.

I don't know, maybe they don't stand for anything.

But I feel Recreational Crossover is more correct.

Everyone has their own ideas what these 'trims' means.

And they're all different.

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The "X" in all the Lexus SUV's stands for Crossover. The "RX" stands for "Recreational Crossover", the "GX" stands for "Grand Crossover" and the "LX" stands for "Luxury Crossover".

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