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Strange Things Happening On Startup


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I have LX470 with 64000 miles on it. Recently when I start the car up in the morning the passenger mirror angles down when I put the car in reverse. Now I know it is supposed to do that when you have the mirror adjust button pushed to the right,but this does it no matter what position the mirror adjust button is in .

Also even stranger is that as soon as the car is started the height adjustment raises the car up and lowers it, as if someone is switching the height control adjustment knob. It does not register on the dashboard showing that the height adjustment is occurring and the control knob is always in the middle.

Is this some kind of electrical problem or is it a problem with the height control adjustment.


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The mirrors will tilt down in the left or right position. The height adjustment will raise slighlty back to the neutral positon. I think its drops slightly for easy entry in park. If you feels its still a problem have it checked at the dealer.

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I cant believe no one answered this one.

The height control is always in automatic mode, unless you press the button to deactivate it. It will always try to level itself when in the brake is not depressed. IT will always do this in your driveway when you start it if you have any slope at all on your driveway or garage. It does it when you start because when you are pulling in, you probably pull in, with the brakes on, put the car in park and shut it off. Therefore, it does not have a chance to do its job.

Also, if you start it with different weight in the vehicle, it will do this. IE, if there are kids in the car when it is dropped off, it will adjust when you start it in the morning without the kids.

As for the mirror....are you sure it is not in the left position?

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