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How To Update Navigation On 2000 Gs300?

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I just purchased a 2000 GS300 with navigation. I see that the map version is dated 1999. Is there a more current version available? By reviewing some of the topics here, it seems like the 2000 year model used a hard drive to store map data.

1. Did the 2000 GS300 use a hard drive to store map data, or some other storage media?

2. Is updated map data available? If so, what is the latest map data available?

3. How would I get the latest map data? Is there both an official Lexus dealer way, and is there a vendor-direct way, or some other way (excluding extreme hacks which could cause problems)?

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If you have the older navi system. I think its hard drive based. It has the smaller lcd compared to the new lexus models. The new ones 2001+ with 7" LCD I believe are Mark Levinson based and use DVD disc. In my 2002 LX470 i replaced the navi DVD myself. However, the hard drive one might be a bit more complicated. For your case. I think you should take it to a dealer to get them to load the stuff.

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