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What Is A Good Buffer To Buy

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A US power tool company, Porter-Cable established in 1914, began manufacturing an electrically operated Variable-Speed Random-Orbit Polisher for the wood working industry in the 1990s. It is now one of the most popular tools used by professional and enthusiast automotive detailers.

Often known by the companies initials PC (Porter-Cable) but also called a ROB (random orbital buffer) or DA (duel action) polisher

There are two model numbers 7336SP and 7424 both machines are identical, but they come equipped slightly differently. The 7336SP, sander polisher comes with a 6-inch counterweight; Porter-Cable outfits the 7424 Polisher with a 5-inch counterweight and a 6-inch foam-polishing pad, PN 54745.

To polish the paint film surface with a random orbital polisher requires a backing plate, a Velcro-backed foam pad, and a machine polish. The variables are; orbital speed, pressure applied, foam pad composition, whether foam is used wet or dry, and the abrasiveness (cutting ability) of the applied machine polish, and no single machine polish can do it all; it usually takes at least two or more to obtain the results required.

The only constant is; Always use the least aggressive product first, evaluate the surface, then only if necessary, `step-up' to a more abrasive products.


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Hello I am about to start detailing my own car. I read the articles, but what is a good brand, size and cost of buffer to buy?

I bought the aforementioned Porter Cable 7424 a couple of months ago. I previously had (and still have) a Black-and-Decker 10" orbital buffer. The BD 10" was very under-powered and you cannot find the necessary selection of pads for it that you can with the PC 7424. I still use the BD 10" to remove polish and wax using a microfiber bonnet. But, that is about all I use it for.

The PC 7424 really speeds up the polish and wax job. Plenty of pads (6" and 4") available. The $150 or so price of admission is worth it if you expect to do this quite a bit. I have two Lexus cars and I use my PC 7424 about once per month. When you consider that one detail job of paint cleaning, polishing, and waxing means 3 coats of product, this thing really makes the job so much easier.

Below is the link where I purchased mine (Classic Motor Accessories, aka properautocare.com). I've found this site to offer quite a bit of information, nice product selection, and reasonable turn-around time. Prices seem competitive with Autopia-autocare (another well-liked site).

Porter Cable 7424

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You might want to consider a 'Starter Package' most of the well known vendors have their own version, this is what I would recommkend for a begineer-

Constant Pressure (LC) 6-inch Foam Pad Starter Kit:

A constant pressure foam pad, this is essentially a flat 6-inch pad which uses a patented technology layer of engineered, instant rebound foam between the pad and the backing plate to absorb off-axis movements while keeping the pressure of the pad on the surface constant. These European pads are made from engineered, thermally reticulated (exploded open cell) foams with a 99% open cell structure, specifically designed for compounding, polishing and finishing. Blue "Constant Pressure" foam backing absorbs any unwanted ‘off-axis’ polishing motions (ideal for the inexperienced user)

Constant Pressure Foam Pad Starter Kit:

•1-Polish / Cutting Pad (*Yellow)

•2-Polish / Light Cutting Pad (*Orange)

•2-Polish / Waxing Pad (*White)

•2-Finishing Pad (*Black)

•1-5-inch Flexible Urethane Backing Plate

*The foam pad colour identifications and specifications are by Lake County Manufacturing (LC) www.lakecountrymfg.com other manufactures of foam pads use a different colour to identify the abrasiveness or cutting ability of their foam pads, they can be purchased at www.properautocare.com.


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I polished a 2000 Grand Prix GT black car last fall.

I used the PC with Sonus SFX-1 SFX-2 and SFX-3 polishes.

I used the DAS pad kit.(the PC is on sale for $119 and the DAS pad kit is on sale for $37.46.

The orange pad waas used with the SFX-1 Restore polish on speed 4.

Buff until the polish is almost gone, wipe excess off with micro fiber towel.

Then put the green pad on and use SFX-2 enhance polish and repeat the steps previoiusly.

The last step is the blue pad with SFX-3 final finishing polish.

As you can see the results are amazing.

It took me 10-15 minutes of polishing the one fender the pictures shows.

With the right polish and the PC amazing results can happen.

PC with DAS pad Kit

On sale $8.36

Sonus SFX-1 Polish

Sonus SFX-2 Polish

On sale $8.36

Sonus SFX-3 Polish





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Porter-Cable 7336 6" Variable Speed Random Orbit Sander Only

Is it worth getting the next model up for $5 more?

I guess it does both sanding and then buffing?

Just curious if anyone has experience with this model?

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Sorry about the delay, I'm on vacation.

Its the same tool, the difference is you'll need to buy a backing plate for the sander. You'd probably have to buy a new one anyway though.

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