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Problem In Shifting Gear


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I have a 94ls. The problem is that when I start the car and try to shift the gear backwards from Park position it does not move. After spending few minutes tapping on the brakes, the notch on the top of the gear knob loosens itself to allow itself to be press in all the way and then I'm able to pull it back to Reverse or Drive. I think there is a sensor in there that is going bad.

If you have any advice on how to fix this problem please let me know. Also let me know if it is somthing I, as a beginner, can do myself or better to have a mechanic look into it.


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Yeah, same here. I do need to have my foot on brakes to shift, but it's not doing it like its supposed to. There is definitely somthing wrong. I have to tap on brakes few times before the shifter is released to shift.

I don't have the button on the shifter like you mentioned. All it has is the over-drive button.

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The button on mine is not on the shifter. It is down to the left on the shifter base plate by the ashtray.

Anyways, there must be a switch in line with the brake pedal underneath the dash. If you find it, go get some contact cleaner at Radio shack and spray it well as you push it in manually. It appears to be sticking if you have to keep pressing the pedal in order for it to dis-engage. Good luck and maybe someone here knows where the sensor is but it definately has to be somewhere in the pedal fulcrum movement. Let us know.

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RFeldes - thanks. Will look for that switch this evening. This morning however it didn't give any problem. I recall it happened few months back and didn't happen again till yesterday. In any case I want to get it fixed now.

SK - Eating and drinking is not allowed in my car :~)

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