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How And Where Can I Steam Clean My Seats


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i'm currently workin on the project of takin my 2001 civic apart and putting dynamat all over :) while the seats are out i want to clean them to the near new condition

what kind of places do this kind of service?

also the carpet stinks and got few holes in it, i wonder if i can put the new one in or what can i do to take care of the smell and holes?

i think the car leaks somewhere so i will drive around without a carpet under the rain to check where the leak can be.

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I did the same with my civic awhile ago .

I pulled the seats out and also the carpets.

I removed the hog pins from all the seats and put the cloth in the washing machine , it turned out beutiful after.

I then took the carpet ,soaked it with degreaser and power washers the !Removed! out of it .

Now my 1989 civic smells and looks way better inside

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what kind of degreased you used on the carpet?

i dont think i can take the cloth of the seats in mine :( i looked and i dont c the way i can do this.

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I used shout actually but simple green works just as well.

Don't use too much or you will be sitting their forever removing the soap.

To remove the seat fabric it is easier than you think ,it takes all of about 4 minutes especially once the seats are out.

To remove it start at the back of the seat where the back and the seat meet, recling the back forward and their is a small fold of fabric , pull it up and the hogpins are held their .Now cut them off using a sheetmetal cutter or something of that caliber.

Slowly pull up the fabric once you remove the head rest and undo the screw for its retainer.There should be a few more hog pins to undo with springs holding the lumbar to the fabric .

That is it .

To reinstall use small zip ties instead of hogpins since they are much easier to get in and tighten.

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i ended up ordering new carpet, the old one was FUBAR, all stinky and fiberglass underneath the carpet was all bad. plus there were holes in the carpet under the pedals since the previous owner did not use floor mats since the car was leaking. now i'm going to have a brand new carpet:)

and i'm going to recushion the seats with leather:)

this civic is my project. i cant do much with my LS so now i can play with this civic since this one is out of warranty

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