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Cleaned The Engine Today.


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Well on the BMW anyway. Tomorrow I am going to do the engine on the Lexus. Not a bad procedure. I never use water. Just simple green and some shop towels. Then I sprayed the crap out of it with some tire shine. I think tomorrow I will wear a respirator , that stuff is powerful! I should have waited till later to take this picture. Dennis has left us for now and it is actually sunny. Made th eevening run very enjoyable! I cant wait till tomorrow. I got the engine all dirty with coolant when I did the rad. flush. It really needs it.



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Wow! It'll be two months ago tomorrow and the engine still pretty much looks the same. Weird thign is is that I was looking at it last night. I need to wipe it down with a rag to get some of the pollen off though. I do love simple green. I believe I used the most concentrated form which is like 80% simple green and 20%water. Compressed air works awesome to instead of water. It just blows the crap away.


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