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1994 Es300 Vent Removal

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I couldn't find a definitive answer so I'm making this thread for future people searching.

You need to do this to remove the radio.

radio removal

vent removal

On the inside of the vent on the bottom about 1 inch in there are two clips toward each side. They consist of a small square closer to the front of the vent that is flush with the bottom of the vent and then there is also a much smaller piece of the clip that raises about 1/8 inch from the bottom of the vent. Insert a flathead screwdriver between the vent fins and push with good pressure on the raised piece of the clip toward the back of the vent. It will go back and pop down flush with the bottom of the vent. Then with the screwdriver push directly downward on the larger square part of the clip. It will fall downward behind the radio. Repeat the same on the other clip. The vent can now be pryed out from the dash with ease and little pressure.

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