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Tire Rotation With The Spare


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The owners manual says to rotate the spare with just the right side of tires. Anyone know the reasoning for this as opposed to with the left side of the tires?

I would think that in this right side of the road driving country that right turns are much more prevalent and thus tire wear is higher on the left side.

Although, I noticed the tranny is mounted on the right side so there maybe a tendancy for more drive to go to the right.

Anyone KNOW?

Also... since it's just a spare, why not leave the spare alone and just rotate the 4 (left to left, right to right) so when you buy new tires you only have to buy 4. My RX is a FWD and NEVER goes off road, so a spare is just to get us to a safe destination where the flat can be repaired.

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Over the past 20 years Toyota corporate policy on 4 wheel tire rotation on front wheel drive vehicles has been inconsistent. Sometimes Toyota recommended simply swapping tires front to back and back to front while other times they recommended putting the RR on the LF and the LR on the RF.

I have a half million miles of Toyota front wheel drive tire rotating experience and have tried both strategies several times. The clear winner from a maximum tire life, low tire noise, and consistent smooth ride standpoint is the RR to the LF and the LR to the RF rotation strategy and doing it every 5,000 miles without fail.

However, I also pay attention what the tire maker recommends. Usually they are OK with RR to the LF and the LR to the RF rotations, but sometimes a tire maker does not want a particular model tires to moved to different sides of the car in this manner (because it reverses the direction the tire turns0

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