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Regenerative Breaking, Best Mpg Strategy?

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What experimental results exist for different braking strategies?

What strategies cause the best regeneration?

What strategies cause the best mileage?

What relevant literature exists?

When I break moderately, the power meter dips part way into the blue. When I break hard, the power meter dips farther into the blue, but for a shorter time as the vehicle stops sooner.

It seems reasonable to assume the batteries have a maximum charge rate, which means the regeneration has a maximum level. Past some point, braking harder will not capture more energy for charging the battery.

I realize for some occasions you really do not have a choice about how hard to brake. However, for many occasions such as approaching a stop light or sign, you can start braking 500 feet down to 100 feet before you actually have to stop. For these situations I want to know what will give me the best overall mileage.



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