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Ss Break Lines

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For those of you that have installed stainless steel break lines in your cars - howmuch did you pay for install. Just don't wat to get ripped off. Also, any recommendations as to who to get them installed by?

I just bought the goodrich ss break lines. Also, picked up the Axxis Ultimate break pads for the front and rear.

Much thanks for any insight!

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Its not too difficult to install those parts yourself. However if you dont trust your own mechanical abilities then a shop should be able to do it for around $50 or so. I'm not sure on the exact amount. I'm just guessing since you have the parts already.

My previous car, I got the brake pads changed and rotors machined for $150 that included labor and parts. So factoring in that parts usually cost around $100 for this kind of job, you can expect to pay around $50 for labor.

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How much were the lines and whats the benefit?

The lines were $110 bux...l-tunedparts.com

The benefits are that you get better pedal feel and less pedal travel for more immediate braking response.

You know when you depress the break pedal, the car stops, but you can still press the pedal in an inch or two at standstill? - That is eliminated, as well.

Again, much thanks to everyone who responded!

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