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Codes 13,25....aaaarrrggggggggg!


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nothing like getting the whole job done to only find more is needed to be done...

Hence the fraze.."Anything that can go wrong, will..."

Just replaced water-pump and timing-belt in my 91 ls 400 @ 162,000 mile mark, to olny get a bit o sunburn and two new codes(13 RPM signal and 25 air-fuel ratio lean mixture).

I have an idea what the remedy could be but I hope some insight would be in offering, so here goes...

:whistles: I'm not sure what the sensor is called aiming @ the sprocket on the crank shaft but I snapped of the bolt head trying to remove it, :o so I temporarily used gasket sealer :whistles: to hold it in place for now. I think it got bent over when I tried to losen bolt to harmonic pully/ballancer by way of "turning engine w/ tourque etc."which in turn wrapped timing belt (needed replacement anyway) around crank n thin little sprocked thinggy...(shoulda've seen my eyes roll then). :blink:

Anyway before that happened, I noticed the cam on the passenger side was off by one tooth.... :unsure: Is this normal? Because the car ran beautiful before "I" got to it. Now it runs just a hint off and knocks @ arout 2000 RPMs since "I" got to it and left it that way... :huh:

I'm thinking I gotta start AAAALL over again, minus the water pump, and set the cam right, remove the broken bolt( to the crank sensor?) and hope for the best :chairshot:

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you definitely have to do it again thats why your car runs like i does now because your timing is off by that 1 tooth thereby ausing the lean mixture you probably advanced the timing forcing the ecu to try to !Removed! the timing too much which in turn set off the code and that sensor would be the crankshaft position sensor which monitors the rpms (revolutions per minute of the crankshaft) which are off due to incorrect timing so do it again then clear the codes and let us know what happens p.s. make sure that you time the engine before you take the belt off

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[ :cheers:


Goter running like a champ....BUUUUUUttttt

The fan bracket shaft decided to give way and snapped..... <_<

Now that I've replaced the fan bracket, I now need a new/used fan blade, "&" Radiator :blink:

Boy! Talken bout baaaaaaaad luck.

I have researched for the radiator and found some for $50, yet they say there a bit flakey...some for bout $75 which I'm thinking towards. I know how to flush em out so fresh out of a respectical wreck is GOLD to me.

:censored: :chairshot:

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