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My wife's car (2000 LS400) just turned 75k. I'm going to bring the car to the local dealer (Orlando) due to the fact that I'm not aware of any reputable independents in my area. Has anyone had any service experience with this store? The 60k was not done. Should I do the 60k or the 75k? Could someone advise me on what is a fair price for the service? Also, what would be considered acceptable fuel mileage. Any input on these matters would be greatly appreciated

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My 95 w/ 103k miles get's 27mpg on the highway, and 20 in city. I have just switched over to mobile 1 synthetic and notice a much smoother engine and a bit better gas mileage. Just did a 2600 mile trip and got 27mpg as where I use to get 26.

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Do the 60k as its a bigger service. It'll be $800 or so.

I shudder to ask...but has the oil at least been changed?

Before I purchased the car I substantiated that all the services were performed at the lexus dealer in Tampa with the exception of the 50k and the 60k. The oil was changed at 65k and 70k at a quick oil change center (they used Mobil 1 10w30) called Shiner's One Stop.

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