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well i used the zaino DACP on my black 98 and had great results my cars shine is almost back but ni couldnt finish because i ran out of sunlight now my question is can i keep applying polish over the course of a week because due to time constraints i cant knock it out in a day or too and if so should i was the car before each application? the car looks real good aafter just 1 coat but i know that its going to take at least 3 before its where i want it to be now the hood is a different story thats going to need to be hit with the DACP again but it looks like it can be rescued my friend used the vector on it and even gave me a crash course (worked on one fender) so i feel i can handle it by myself with some practice and a good teacher

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Are you using DACP or the Zaino swirl remover? DACP is a Meguiars product.

And yes, you can polish one panel a day if you want to.

my falt its the swirl remover and it works prett well i should have this job wrapped up by this weekend and let you know how everything turns out

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