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Remote Starter ?


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Well over the weekend I take my car to the local stereo/alarm install shop to have a remote

starter installed in my car. They asked me if I prefer to use my existing system or add a new system. I asked what the difference was and they said distance or starting the car nothing else. Well I opted to use my existing system because I did not want another key fob and figured that I will be starting it from my window, which is right above where I park my car. I go back to pick up my car and guess what when they were showing me how the system works, all of a sudden they tell me that I have to use my key to open the door once the car is remote started. I ask them why it worked this way and they said all Lexus, BMW and etc were all the same. I am *BLEEP*ed because it makes it harder for me to have to carry my kids to the car, unlock it with the key and put them in the car. Does anyone know if they are telling me the truth and if someone can suggest a solution for this. I am in the NYC/NJ area and have a 2000 LS400



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