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Yet Another '93 Transmission Problem

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I've done the thread searches and I'm hoping that the answer to my problem is simply a dirty filter and the need for for an external one but here goes. I've been hearing a whirring sound from the right side (driver side) of the engine bay that I assumed was the alternator telling me that new brushes were soon necessary. But last night after a mildly spirited drive the car couldn't find first gear while I was trying to park it (that is after stopping and reversing to park). What I realised is that on startup it shifts with no problem at all from first up to fourth but if I brake for a pothole and try to move again it shutters (as though still in fourth gear), or sometimes just revs. To move forward I have to stop, park it and shut off then restart. Then It will find first and shift smoothly through to fourth then loose it again when it should shift down to lower gears. I haven't tried flooring the acclerator while in fourth gear to see if will downshift though (this happened late last night on a very dark uninhabited stretch of road).

Any ideas????

Could it have something to do with my recent tendency to shift from drive to 2th to use engine braking?

By the way my fluid level is up and it doesn't look brown.

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It is opening a bypass valve for you pressing the brake pedal and getting stuck.

Get the filter and leave the spirited drivesto the way side for a few weeks.

The mechanical whinign noise is from the metal in the tranny not getting full fluid flow.

Add the external filter and clean the old one inside the tranny and you will probably never have to take it out again.

Just keep changing the external one.

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