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Letter From Army Of One


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I was in Houston when this letter arrived not to mention the mail was extraordinarily slow getting it to the house, so here we go.....


Dear LOC,

Hey all!! Graduation is right around the corner. My AIT picks up in 7 days or so. I get a weekend pass this weekend!

I passed my final Army Physical Fitness Test last Friday. Let me tell you, when I crossed that finish line for the cup in 15:50 (2 miles), I cried. I cried beacuse I just realized my life's dream. Nothing could stop me from graduating after that. My father, a 20 year veteran of the Air Force, will be at my graduation wearing his Air Force blues featuring his rank of Master Sergeant(E-7). I will have the oppertunity to salute my father for the first time and actually mean it. I mean it because now I have been through it. I know what it takes to be a defender of freedom. So on 1 July at 10am, I will salute my father man to man, soldier to soldier. While this is something I have always wanted for myself, I know it means a great deal to my father as well. My dad, the man who I loved to hate sometimes, was merely doing what he had to, to prepare me for the journey he knew I would be making. He had more confidence in me than I did. He was always telling me to put out the best in everything I do, always pushing me faster and harder and motivating me to drive on. So dad, if you are reading this, and I know you browse the boards sometimes, thanks for all you have done. I know it's a late father's day present, but thanks. The values my dad has instilled in me will follow me for the rest of my career. And there's no other man I'd rather go through hell with. I only wish I had the oppertunity to fight along with him before he retired. But now, I'll do one better, I'll fight FOR him, and for all of America. My dad did his share, and now, it's my turn.

I have noticed that people treat me differently when I'm in public now. If I wear my BDU's to go to the WalMart across the highway, I get a few thank yous and a lot of smiles. That is what I'm sworn to protect. I am a Patriot, I love my country with all my heart; I refuse to sit by while America suffers at the hands of terror, and by policing terrorism, we are just making the world safer for America, but for a lot of the world as well. We shall not falter, and we shall not fail. We were issued our beret hats today, so from now on, I am officially a soldier in the United States Army. As soon as I am out of AIT, I will begin my search for my Lexus LS400. I would like to have a twin of Blake's LS400, but I want mine to be a 96 or 97 with quite a few less miles.

At any rate, I have a lot more freedom in AIT. I should have access to a PC and possibly the internet, so you may see me posting every once and a while. If you don't, I'll continue to write letters to Blake for him to post on LOC. So, until the next letter, take care Steve, Blake, and everyone else I can't mention for the lack of room. See you in October!!

          PV2 Josh M

P.S. You all better have a DFW meet going when I get there! :)

Josh called through out the week of his graduation. Everything went well, and he is now working on his secondary training (for the lack of the proper acronym!). I wish him continued success and all of the best!


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The proper term is AIT- Advanced Individual Training.

Man, i sent that on the 26th, i think the mail tucks are getting stuck in the swampy bayou's...

i can picture them calling it in on the radio:

"breaker, 1-9, where are you?"

"This is 1-9, im stuck in the swamp somewhere between ruston and New Orleans!"

"Roger that, we'll find you in a few weeks. Dont go anywhere"


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