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Usa Is250 And Is350 Availability And Pricing

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For the USA:

IS250 RWD/AWD (available Aug 2005), starts at $31,xxx for a RWD 6-speed manual, $34,xxx for AWD

IS350 RWD (limited availability starting Oct 2005), starts at $36,xxx, loaded $46,xxx

IS350 AWD not available

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hi, i was just wondering what everyone's opinion was about the new IS versus the new 3 series.

duh this is a lexus forum so most likely the general concensus is lexus over bmw but i was wondering why the new IS over the new 3 series?

(relevant to value and pricing)

im asking because i am looking to trade in my gas guzzling rx for a sport compact

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wow....new IS is kinda expensive

2005 IS300 MSRP: $29,735 - $31,105

yea, but the 2006 IS250 is around $37000 and IS350 $45000 loaded...

I gave the base prices. For comparison purposes, one should also use the new IS base prices. I think the IS250 price will compare favorably with a similarly equipped IS300. Of course the 350 will be higher as it should be considered the "high performance" version.

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