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Aftermarket Stereo, Oe Amp/sub Connections


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I bought my LS400 with no stereo system, just speakers, an upgraded subwolfer, and a hole in the dash.

I've installed a DVD deck, and was wondering how it connects to the OE subwolfer/amp system? The aftermarket subwolfer is connected to the OE wiring, but I am not sure where the amplifier is. And does the amp use speaker level signals, or do I somehow need to get line levels to it. (I have a subwolfer or LFE output on headunit).

I noticed the other two sub-harnesses in the radio pocket, undoubtedly for the CD changer and possibly the subwolfer amp as well?

My subwolfer is idle and dead while music is playing, although all of the OE speaker are working fine.



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