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94 Es 300 White Smoke Hesitation Problem

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OK, I've got a 1994 ES300 with 80,000 miles on it. A few months ago, I had the Vac thing done where they clean out everything. Now I noticed that at start up there is white smoke coming out and that there is a noticeable lack of power in first gear (automatic trans). At speed and downshifted, the lack of power is still there. Once warmed up, it seems fine but still seems a little low on power. Plugs have been changed, etc.

I'm thinking it may be the O2 sensor. Any ideas guys? This is driving me frickin crazy!

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mine does the same thing. look at your distributer and ohm it out mine was bad between ne and g1 the crank and cam signals not correct.

does the smoke smell like gas.  if so ohm your distributer pickup coil out.

Thanks a lot for the info. I'll check into it.

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