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Fluids To Monitor?


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OK, I'm above 80K miles on both Lexi and I have never really paid much attention to anything but oil levels. These LX's have so many different systems, what should I be monitoring on a regular basis? Also, are there any special procedures for testing fluid levels? I'm looking forward to putting 150K on this LX.

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Has the dealer been performing the service? I presume you've had your ATF changed at the recommended intervals. This is basically what I do on my 19 yr old toyota truck (185K mi):

- changed belts, distributor cap/rotor every 60K, check timing

- change plugs every 30K (60K for the platinum/iridium ones)

- change tranny/transfer case/diff fluids every 30-40K (flush ATF by removing ATF cooler hose or use the special machine;I have a manual tranny, so I just drain & fill w/ synthetic).

- change engine oil (5w40 synthetic) and filter @ 4K mi intervals

- change air filter every year (dusty here in the desert)

- change power steering fluid (turkey baster method) every few years w/ ATF w/ Dextron III/Mercon

- lube front/rear driveshafts & check ball joint grease every 8K

- cross-rotate tires every 8K

- repack front wheel bearings every 30K (same interval w/ the LC's)

- flush brake fluid w/ synthetic dot 4 every year (should at least be done every other year since brake fluid absorbs moisture from the air).

- flush radiator/block w/ distilled water and refill w/ 50-50 mix of Toyota red coolant and distilled water every 2 yrs.

- clean throttle body w/ carb. cleaner & wire brush every 60K mi (carbon buildup).

Only other thing I can think of for the LX is flushing the AHC fluid and rebuilding the accumulators if necessary (only have the Lexus dealer mess w/ the AHC...virtually no other mechanics [incl. at the toyota dealer] know what it is, or what fluid it takes. I've heard of shops putting brake fluid or wiper fluid in there, causing AHC failure). You should get your timing belt and water pump changed @ 90K mi intervals. Be prepared to replace your starter contacts @90-100K mi if you only start to hear a click some of the time (dealer won't replace contacts..only the entire starter for $$$). Users on ih8mud have reported needing to replace their contacts @100Kmi, but you're mileage may vary. I'm still on my original starter contacts after 19 yrs!

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