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Wash Or Qd?

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Advice needed here. The experience of others would help me as a relative newcomer to serious detailing.

I washed, polished, and waxed my new daily-driver RX 400h 6 weeks or so ago. After 2 weeks of rainy days and a 600 mile trip in the rain, I washed it again.

In the last 3 weeks or so, I have used a quick detail spray to remove dust, etc. every 4-5 days (even on the wheels). In the last two days, it has rained and I've had to drive in the rain a little (daily commute). The dirt isn't mudded on the car, but the car is definitely covered in water spots -- not a thick film all over the car, but most of the car has a thin film or some spots. The spots are a little worse than dust that got wet. In other words, there is no mud or clumps of dirt on the car. Could I tackle this with the QD spray? Or, should I do a full-out wash? What is the threshold beyond which you should wash and under which you should use a quick detail spray?

A related question (more hypothetical than the last): must the car be WASHED (as opposed to quick detailed with a QD spray) before being waxed? That is, suppose the car has been washed recently and religously kept "clean" using a quick detail spray. Could the car be waxed after a thorough job with the QD spray?

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Quick detailing was developed for those times when your vehicle needs fast complete touch-up between regular waxing, or the removal of fingerprints and for light road dust / debris. It is not meant as a replacement for vehicle washing if there is significant oil, road grease or grime. From daily commute driver to concourse show car, QD is quick and easy to use. Bear in mind that they comprise approx 80% water so they will not provide long term protection to a paint surface.

*I* would compleatly wash a car before the application of a wax or sealant.

PS: Removing water spots, especially if they are etched into the clear coat is another issue, which QD offers little to no protection from


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