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1992 Es300

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I have quite a bit of condensation in one of my rear tail light lenses (it gets there from the car wash and heavy rain). In the past it would dissipate with dry weather, but for what ever reason it is not now. While I do not think the bulbs are blowing pre-maturely, certainly this cannot help. That said, in the next few days I need to change the break light bulb and will have access to get air inside. Two questions. What is the best way to remove the condensation (I was thinking of blowing hot air in the opening with a hair dryer when changing the bulb) and second, what is the best sealant to put around the outside of the lens (I am assuming this is where the water is getting in) to prevent water from getting in the lens in the first place. Thanks.

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Thanks. I assume when you say any silicon, that would include GE caulk in a tube. Also, where are the drain plugs?

Any clear silicon will work. It doesn't have to be hot air (I wouldn't use a heat gun), any airflow will dry them.

Make sure the drain plugs are not blocked.

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