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Hid In Fog Lights?

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:censored: Ok here's the question and yes I did search but no answer. Are the foglights that come with the 430 HID? If not then can anyone recommend a replacement bulb and is it simply a replacement operation of switching out the bulbs? I love the yellow look but would like to get some more light from the fogs without necessarily blinding O'L lady Hawthorne down the block...
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I am not sure if they are HID's but I am certain the yellow light in the GS430 is produced b/c the housing of the fog's are tinted yellow. The actual bulb itself is probably white. You might have to replace the fog's in order to get a different look. Some of the guys/gals with a GS430 may be able to offer more insight. Personally, I love the yellow look and would recommend u keep them. If you are firm on getting rid of them, you should exchange your fogs with someone else. You shouldn't have a problem finding someone.

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The fogs on all models are not HID they are halogen.

Guy, thanks, so the question is, is there a halogen -> HID process? If so what bulb can I put in there that won't burn anything but is going to give me a brighter yellow light?

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This is what I did with my foglights. I bought a pair of GS430 foglights with the yellow lenses in them. I put in hyper white bulbs and it gave me a nice light yellow almost slightly greenigh tint to it. It looked awesome. They looked like the foglight color on the IS300.

But after a while the yellow lense cracked and I lost the yellow in one of the fog lights. So I went back to the clear lense and just put in hyper white bulbs. The color matches the HID headlights but they are not as intense.

The only thing I can think of to increase the intensity of the light is to get the clear foglights and put HIDs in them. I wouldnt recommend putting the HIDs in the yellow foglights because the yellow lenses will probably melt away.

Personally I love the GS430 look with the yellow foglights and wouldnt change it if I had it.

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