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Daytime Runnung Lights


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my drl are not that bright in the day and i say this because i saw another ls which had some that were almost as bright as some lowbeams my questiom is how can i brighten them up with any of the bulbs that they sell in autozone or pepboys?

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DRL's usually are the high beams at half power.  I have no idea how that is done.

on my car the drl is a separate bulb

That’s somewhat impossible. ALL the LS's use the high beam bulb at half power to light up the DRL's.

Reason for yours being DIM, is after a long use, the bulb starts turning yellow, and dimming over time. You might just need to replace the high beam bulb (9005). I had yellow coating over my high beam on the LS, and I don’t even have DRL's so yours is aging much faster. When I changed my bulb, high beams were much brighter.

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The two HB bulbs are run in series plus a resister resulting in ~5 volts across the filaments. You can increase the brightness slightly by shorting out the resister and no I don't know here its located.

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You're a rare bread Sha. Most guys I know want to get rid of there daytime lights. Sometimes it looks cool though.


actually i was looking in my manual like i have done on plenty of occasions and i see that they are my park lights its a little slot cut into the low beam housing that takes a 5 watt bulb you turn it on with the first click of the light lever so i guess i was a little confused because i was told that these were drls

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