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Gs300 Hid Bi-xenon Retrofit

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I got a 2005 GS300 about a month ago. It was the last one on the lot so I didn't really have the pick of any other options. The car came with stock halogen housings which weren't bad at all. Considering it was a halogen housing. Anyways, I wanted better so.....

Ahh, finally after a month of planning and five hours of work.

I present Le Prototype :D


Entire unit


Different angle of unit


Close up of projector


Powered on projector


Angle 2 Powered on

Projector from a 2004 BMW M3 Bi-Xenon.

I purchased a second set of housings becuase I didn't wana cut into the stock housings. Yes, I know the high beam reflector isnt in there and front lens is not on and the projector lens is dirty....hence the name Le Prototype :)

This is the right side headlight. I still need to finish the left side light. If anyone else is thinking of doing this, I can post a step by step guide on retrofitting the halogen GS housings. :D

What do you guys think about the project so far?

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Ok, I finished :D

Since i bought a used set of housings from a 2003 GS300 they had a pretty good dosage of rocks and road debris. I still have to sand/polish/buff the front lens so its smooth and wont scatter the light as much. Other than that, the retrofit has come along nicely.

This forum seems pretty slow, 1 day and only 1 reply <_<

I'm starting the left headlight retrofit in a day or two. If anyone wants me to do pix/guide I will. Otherwise i will just post pix of finished product.

Here is the right side headlamp converted to HID :P


Front Shot


Front angle 2


Projector closeup


Projector powered on


Beam pattern/cutoff line :D

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How much $$$ did it cost to do that all together? That looks really cool.

Heres the price list off the top of my head:

Extra set of Lexus GS300 2003 housings. $200 + 25ship on ebay (optional but I got because I didnt want to cut into original stock housings)

Entire headlight set from 2004 BMW M3 included TWO of bi-xenon projectors, m3 headlight housings, ignitors, ballasts, all wiring harnesses. $300+25ship on ebay

Screws, bolts, silicon sealant, epoxy, and other bits about $30

Total spent on project so far is around $580.

Thanks flufferious, at least one other person with a GS has some interest in my retrofit :lol:

Some of you may say that the stock HID option was $500 and much less work and has auto leveling. All good points, but the stock HID is not bi-xenon and has a fuzzy cutoff line compared to projectors. :D

Anyways, I'll finish up the other housing sometime this week and have the guide posted up by the weekend.

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