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Ps Fluid Instead Of Dextron Ii/overheating

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I just bought a 93 es300 w/ 93k miles and it has overheating problems only with the a/c on in stop and go traffic. Driving on the highway with the a/c on it's temperature is fine. I just flushed and replaced all antifreeze properly and that didn't fix it. I noticed that it looks like it has power steering fluid instead of dextron fluid in the power steering. Could this be causing the hydraulic fan motor to not work properly? When I am stopped at a stop light, the engine usually revs ~300 rpm. My guess was that was to jumpstart the fan to go faster, and it is unsuccessful, but I don't know much about the hydraulic system to run the fan.

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No it wouldn't.

It's two speeds, low and high. It should turn to high with the A/C.

If you bridge OP1 and E1 in the diagnostics port - the relay will be triggered and it will go to high.

If it does not switch to high when you bridge it, more than likely it is unplugged, or damaged.

If it does switch to high, but won't turn on with the A/C, the coolant temperature that controls it is more than likely defective.

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