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Help With Radio Install

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hi all, i have a 2000 gs300. i want to install an alpine stereo. i already have a dash kit for it and it fits like a charm. i also have the harness but i don't think it's the right one. it plugs in and everthing but the deck doesn't turn on when i put the key in the ignition and turn it to the on position. i looked at the harness and even though it plugs perfectly, it seems that the wires are in the wrong spots to match with the factory harness.

so my questin is this: does anybody have a deck installed in their car and working flawlessly that can help me out by either showing me how i can just tap into my factory harness or by locating a harness that will work?


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Personally, I don't think it is possible to replace the headunit of a factory Pioneer-made system without bypassing the amp. The factory unit sends left and right line level audio to the amp. The levels of the signal are not altered by any controls before leaving the radio. The controls on the headunit send a serial data signal to the amp to adjust the volume, balance, bass, etc. An aftermarket headunit will not provide this serial data signal so therefore, it just won't work.

The factory Nakamichi system does not use the serial data signal to control the amp. The signal levels are altered by the head unit and sent to the amp via four signal pairs. If you have a factory Nakamichi, it would be not much problem to replace the headunit.

Obviously, no aftermarket unit will control a Lexus changer, of course.

I've included the pinouts of the factory Pioneer-made plugs for reference. If someone out there knows of some plug-n-play method of changing the headunit without bypassing the amp and still retaining all fade/balance controls, please by all means enlighten us.


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