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Got Mine This Aternoon, Dog Barrier?

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I finally settled for a millenium silver w/gray rx400 that will be ready this afternoon. Also added the headlight chip guard and leather protectant and extended the warranty, who knows how much these will cost to repair. My seven year old Springer Spaniel is used to sitting up front and he goes to work with me and out on estimates to customers homes. What is the best barrier for keeping him behind the front seats with the back ones folded down. (I think hes wishing we kept the old explorer where it didnt matter).

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The only true "safe" way to transport a dog in a vehicle is in a crate. We've always done so with our Gordon Setters and Greyhounds. You may not like the confinement, but in the event of a wreck a crated dog has a much higher survival rate than one that is loose in the vehicle where he becomes a projectile.

Be kind to your dog and crate him....

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Thank you both for your replies. I will probably start with a barrier and work back into crating. The accident advice is true and we have been lucky so far. My springer spaniel is a smaller 38 lbs and has only seen a crate in the SUV when he is about to be boarded while i am away. Hence crate = me gone in his mind. Im sure it will take alot less time to train him than me. Dave

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