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Japanese Nav System

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I live in Malaysia and recently purchased a 2001 Toyota Harrier (Lexus RX 300). It came with a NAV system which is integrated with the stereo system, climate control and TV. There are two problems with the system:

1. The language is Japanese so I cannot read the dispay. I'm not interested in using the NAV (no maps for Malaysia) but I am interested in all of the other displays/functions but in English.

2. The FM frequency on the radio only goes to 90.5 so I cannot access radio stations above that frequency. Is there anyway to change out the radio while still manitaining the display on the NAV screen?

I frequently travel to the US so picking up items made for the Lexus is not a problem as long as they are compatible.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Note: This is a very common issue in Malaysia where loads of Harriers are improted into the country but not supported by Toyota.

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