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Finally Got The Ls Back.


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She took a needed break. Sitting nicely in the garage where my dad works. We were drivin the BMW's a lot to keep miles off it but now that she's back I realize how much I like this car. Everything seems so much simpler and eaiser to use than the BMW. Unfortunetly my cousin has to borrow it tomorrow :( . Here POS truck is broke and we are using my Aunts van so she asked to borrow it for a day. She is pregnant so I am glad to see her driving a safe car. Also, if some of you remember I did the tranny flush a couple weeks back and the trans shifts great! I cant even feel it when I put it in drive. When I switched cars with my dad at the gym it was at operating temp so I am not sure if it was still slipping. He said he didn't notice anything but I will check it out just to be sure!


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