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Psychotic Wipers...

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ES300, 1993

I see where this has been discussed, but don't see any comparison to my issue yet. My wipers don't work in intermittent mode - at times they default to low speed, at others I get three wipes and a pause, then at other times I get 5 wipes and a pause. It doesn't seem to matter where the switch is set. Mostly, I just get low speed. Also, the wipers don't generally return to resting position every time they are turned off. Depending on where they are in the cycle, they may or may not return.

I seem to recall a friend with a 4 Runner who had similar problems and replacing the motor fixed it. But I'm not sure if his was like this...


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I had a similar problem where they worked perfectly but once i turned the switch off they stopped in that exact position.

After having every part changed in the system they finally replaced the stalk with the switch and it was fixed finally

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