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i need to get a remote key for my 93 LS400

I don't believe they make the remote key for the 93. At least that is what the dealer told me when he quoted $300.00 for a remote key for my 98. The key is about $210.00 plus $90.00 to program the new $1500.00 computer they have to install which Lexus will pick up the tab for. But I think the computer is a one time per car only tab they pick up. So if your car had one replaced already your out of luck. I think they pick up the tab because some of the original computers were faulty. But you have to get a key to get a computer, don't think you can just go to your Lexus dealer and get a new computer. Ant An.

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Wow...hold the phone captain BB-Q..back the truck up! Did someone say something about a free computer? I have not heard this interesting tid-bit of information before. I'm curious!


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