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New Ls400/celsior Owner


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Hi all

I thought i would let you all know about my new Toyota Celsior I have recently purchased.

I am from Sydney Australia and as you would know we get the Toyota Celsiors in straight from Japan.

Anyway After selling my SC250TT (1JZGTE) I was in the market for a new car.

I had always been dreaming of a local LS400 or a Imported Celsior.

Anyway one of the first ones i looked at seemed so good i bought it.

I know i shouldnt have but i am an impulse buyer.

Anyway I paid $14000AUD for a 1990 TOYOTA CELSIOR CF PACKAGE Which was the top of the line in Japan.



It is fully loaded with Leather seats, rear power seats, Massaging seats and all the goodies it should come with.

The condition of the car is immaculate and everything works.

62000kms on the car (not sure if its genuine or not) but the condition of the car indicates this to be true.(Think thats like 40k miles)

Anyway I have already put on 600 miles in a week with no problems but just reading over this site has made me wonder about the TEMS Air suspension.

Everything appears fine however once in a while when i get out of the car it releases air for a second or so.

Is this normal? I Read this is a leaking strut however it seems like it does it on purpose.

IS the air suspension ever supposed to make a noise?

Anyway if it does have a leak i will be happy to fix it somehow seeing this car rides like a dream. It also makes me wonder what do you do when your car becomes more comfortable than your bed? do you sleep in your car or drive your bedroom lol

Let me know what you all think of the pics on the auction

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hey wait a minute how come ive enver seen any LS400 in america with any of those rear seat optinos i kn the 430's have em but ive never seen the rear seat options untill now and about the ari suspension i cant help u there my 96 doesnt have it and from what ive heard im glad i have a ford expedition with air suspension but it doesnt make any noise at least not any i kno of

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The Japanese released one came with the Power rear heated massaging seats which was not released on the US or AU market.

Same with the Lexus SC you only got the 3 litre and 4 litre where we got the 2.5 litre twin turbo.

Is just lucky for us that our steering wheels are on the same side as japan so we get all their cars when they are done with them.

What i noticed with the suspension is it hardly does it just sometimes.

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That LS is awesome! In BMW terms we would call that a highline. I know a guy who lives in Japan and has like 4 BMW highlines. They give them away there with the price of gas an all. Anyway, with all tthose features I would never wan tto leave the insdie of that car : ). With th eair suspension I am not sure. I have it onmy 96 and the only time I ever felt it was when I started the car and had the hood open. i go tout and was leanign against the car when it started movin on me. I wonder if this is from th eroads. I know the suspsnsion on Australian cars are beefier because of the rough roads. Maybe your LS is adjusting or malfunctioning but with only 40k miles that doesnt seem right. Someone better than me, everyone, will chime in soon. You have about the rarest LS here. Glad you can be here. Weirs seeing a Toyota emblem on a Lexus : )


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very nice, but i feel bad that you had to sell your SC/Soarer.

I am ok with it.

I owned it for 4 years and i had great fun with it.

It was a factory manual twin turbo. But im 25 now and getting on in life lol and am very happy with a LS400 to carry me around in. It makes me feel i am doing something good in life

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