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Need New Salesman

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Question for the management, I have a 400 on order. My salesman hardly ever returns my calls, I told him how annoyed I get being ignored, but it has not helped. 3rd Lexus from him/dealership. A deposit was left for this car.

Should I contact the sales manager? Ask for another salesman?

At this point I give up on him, and don't really want to talk with him anymore.


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I too was chagrined by a system where i gave a deposit to a Lexus dealer south of seattle last July and did not hear anything unless i called them. I did get updates from Lexus online and all of us were informed of the delivery of the first cars, ( i was #28 on the list). Once i drove a hybrid demo at the dealership i felt the service improved, they spent alot of time with me and allowed me two long drives in their black on black demo vehicle not commenting once as we hit speeds of 90 to 95 mph on one freeway stretch. My initial salesman passed me on to another one that had intimate knowledge of the car. The first thing he established was if my driving was mostly freeway, i might be just as happy with an rx330 that could approach 24- 25 mpg. He was very honest about the initial gas mileage not being 30 mph, with the hybrid and they had been tracking six customers to see where the actual real world mpg would be. He also told me if i fell in love with Bamboo Pearl, they seemed to be comming in slower. I am confident that a millenium silver, or flint mica rx400 will find its way to my driveway in the next month.

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I would contact the sales manager and tell him that you'd like to deal directly with him from now on or you will have to take your business elsewhere.

i'd agree. this is one of those times that you want to be contacted and given attention of the sales people at the dealer. ;)

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