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Relay Fuse 12v, Pn# 90987-02012 156700-0870


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Have anyone experience any issues with your 98 gs400 not starting? Thinking it might be your battery power running out, or starter? Well, I have just recently purchase my certified 98 gs400 for about 2 months now.

I have come across this issue several times now and it is consistant. The first time it happened to me was at work. The battery died and I have no power to start the car. I thought my battery was out.

The 2nd time, the same thing happened, but I heard some wierd ticking sound towards under the hood. This is after 7+ hours of idleness. I followed the sound and came accross the fuse box on the right side of the brake fliud tank. I started feeling for movement or sudden jerks. It appeared to me that the Relay/Horn fuse was causing this ticking noise.

The next day at work, I checked the car at lunch time to see if I can start the car. It was fine. At the end of work, when I use the remote to unlock the door. I notice the beep was unsually low. This is when the Relay fuse was removed.

If any body know of any solution or fix, please help. I am not sure if the fuse is blown, because when the fuse is put back in place, the horn would sound when activated.

Please help, before I go to the dealer for an expensive fix.

Thank you in advance. ;)

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